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Friday, 29 May 2020

University of Waterloo, Canada

The University of Waterloo’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (home of the Waterloo Institute for Groundwater Research) joined the long list of proud owners of a ‘Genuine’ Geoprobe® direct push machine in June. The University, located in Waterloo, Ontario, is a world leader in field-based contaminant hydrogeological research, and recently added the Geoprobe® Model 7720DT to their arsenal of research tools. The purchase was made possible through financial contributions from the University of Waterloo and a Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) grant titled,“The Water Initiative: Integrated Groundwater and Surface Water Remediation and Management”.

The 7720DT will be used in different types of research, such as: hydrogeology, contaminant hydrogeology; watershed hydrology; groundwater modeling and remediation; aqueous inorganic and organic geochemistry; isotope geochemistry; geological engineering; environmental geophysics; sedimentology; and Quaternary geology. The rig will be used to obtain cores, collect water quality profiles,and install monitoring devices at: organic contaminant remediation test cell sites at the renowned Canadian Forces Base Borden research site; nitrate contaminated agricultural sites; contaminated drinking water supply sites; road salt contaminated sites; riparian zone/groundwater-surface water interaction sites; contaminated industrial sites; and acid rock/ mine tailings sites. The graduate school will also feature the 7720DT as part of their annual course on field methods.

Professors Drs. David Rudolph and Brewster Conant Jr. chose the Geoprobe® rig to meet specific needs of researchers at Waterloo. “The 7720DT’s mobility and compact size made it attractive to us,” Dr. Rudolph said. “Also important to us was the rig’s downforce (equal to the larger 7730DT ), our ability to use Waterloo’s existing drilling/sampling equipment with it, and the Geoprobe® reputation and commitment to research and development.”

Robert Ingelton and Paul Johnson, two senior hydrogeological technicians at the University, are operating the rig according to Sven Dean, President of Groundtech Solutions. “Bob and Paul have decades of drilling experience, and have invented, designed, and built numerous innovative sampling devices for our industry.” Groundtech Solutions in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is the exclusive distributor of Geoprobe® machines and tooling in Canada.

“We’re very happy to have the 7720DT”, said Dr. Conant. “It will help us continue our tradition of leading-edge, field-based hydrogeological research.”

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